I’ve Missed You For So Long…

Dear Saby,

Two years ago, today, you earned your Angel wings. It is hard to imagine that I have been apart from you for that length of time. I think of you everyday and I wonder what mischief you have gotten yourself into. As I reflect on ‘you and me’, these are my **wishes** for you:

I can’t be with you to bake your favorite peanut butter cookies, so I wish for you an abundance of peanut ‘nutter to enjoy on your favorite treat ball.


I hope you have your own cherished space surrounded by your squeaky balls and treats where you can indulge in luxurious naps with a ray of sunshine beaming down on your fluffy face!


It was just you and I for most of your time here on earth, so I envision you with an abundance of doggy and kitty cat friends and little Angel children who enshroud you with cuddles, puppy snuggles and wet nose kisses~


To be blissfully surrounded by your Guardian Angels to let you in and out. and in. and out. and…


…and since you gravitated to men, I hope that you are embraced by many strong Guardian Angels so that you may jump onto their laps and always feel protected.

photo (1)

May you receive daily ear massages. This was our special “Mummy and Saby time”, so it is impossible to think about you without remembering rubbing your funny bunny ears and inhaling your dirty dog smell. (But may they also remember that you are a little boy and to refrain from adorning you with little bows and ribbons!)

photo (2)

Unexpected opportunities to go for a-happy-jaunt-in-the-woods-with-a-ton-of-space-to-run-wild-and-free-with-leaves-and-hills-to-roll-around-on-with-hours-upon-hours-to-search-for-nibbley-treats-or-yummy-green-gum!

Over The River And Through The Woods with Grandma

Over The River And Through The Woods with Grandma

While you were here, your c-r-a-z-y expensive dental work prevented you from munching on your chewies, so may you have enough chewy treats to last you for days!


 Of course, your very own fridge.

That's my boy!

And, to know that Dolly misses you too…especially the goodnight cuddles~

Now you see her

I miss you so much my little Sebastian. I miss you greeting me at the back door with your teeny tiny wiggle-butt and running around the house, as though I had been gone for days even if only for an hour. I miss laughing out loud when you would stick your nose in-between the fence and exaggerate ‘sniffing the air’, while the neighbours smoked their wacky-tabacky hoping nobody would notice. I miss the things that caught me off guard, like the time I woke-up in the middle of the night to see you sliding off the bed half-asleep and the hilarious look of surprise on your furry face.

My biggest wish is that you are outrageously happy. I will love you all of my life. Mummy~


March 20, 1995 – February 12, 2012




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