Where Do Our Pets Go?

I am a member of a website that honors peoples’ pets who have passed. Today, a fellow member posted about their pet that recently passed and had been buried in their back yard. This presents a dilemma, as they are going to be leaving their current residence. They feel incredibly worried that they will be leaving the spirit of their beloved animal behind once they move.

While I had Sebastian cremated, I understood this completely. Putting aside all beliefs e.g. Catholic, Christian, Jewish, etc. AND being respectful of those beliefs, I experienced those same feelings. I own the house I currently live in, which was also Sebastian’s home and community for almost seventeen years. However, eight years ago we separated from my ex-fiancée and I ended up renting a house close by for five months. I knew in my heart that Sebastian was going to be affected by this, but not to the extent that he was. During the first couple of weeks, he stared out the window all. night. long. Emotion overwhelms me as I write this, because I remember the distress I felt at that time and the surprise that he would feel that way. I had to go to work Monday thru Friday, so naturally I wondered how was he going to cope when I left him for almost nine hours. (Gratefully, he had a grandma that really loved him.)

Currently, my 5-year plan includes moving out-of-province. While I am spiritual, I am also cognizant of the fact that we truly do not know what we will encounter once we pass. Do we really become ghosts; do we transition to heaven? My cynical British father believes that we get buried in the ground, get eaten by worms and become dirt. (I still love him despite his beliefs!) With that said, what happens then? Will Sebastian follow me or will he be lost to wander in our old home?

I DO feel this – we are energy and we are all connected. So, while I do wonder about my little Saby I also have faith that no matter where I am, somehow our energy is connected and it doesn’t matter if I move to another side of the world – we will remain together. Love is all there is.

Please don’t hesitate to comment and add your thoughts – there is no judgement here.


3 responses to “Where Do Our Pets Go?

  1. I also believe that the essence and memory of those loved ones that have passed is housed deep in our hearts forevermore. As long as we are alive, so are they. Finding a special tangible way to celebrate them is important too. For my family, we purchase Christmas ornaments that remind us of our lost furry friends and for us it is a strong visual celebration of their lives. Everyone should find their own way to smile, when they can, about the wonderful companions that have come and then gone. They brought joy in life, and so that offering should bring some peace once they’ve left. At least, that is the hope. Easier said than done to be sure. ❤

  2. We chose to cremate Penny for the simple fact that we will be moving. I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her behind. I don’t buy into that really though. I know her spirit is with me wherever I go even if we had buried her here and left her body behind.

    With that said – I actually know someone who had buried a pet and then dug up the pet when they moved. Being a pet owner, I completely understood why they did though it was an interesting emotional experience.

    I’ll happily take Penny’s ashes with me when we move. But I know that she isn’t in that box, just like I would have known she wasn’t in the ground. Penny is running somewhere beautiful or sunning her tummy and hopefully looking down on me 🙂

  3. Thank you Katherine & Lindsey for your posts :-)”

    Katherine – I really like the idea of Christmas ornaments; I can imagine the personal reflections & heartfelt memories that they bring, especially at such a special time of year! Thank you for that idea.

    Lindsey – I also have Sebastian’s ashes, yet I rarely look at them. Surprisingly, they do not hold the meaning that I thought they would. I had also purchased a pendant that holds his ashes and a friend had added some touches to make it more personable – I will have to post a picture. When I wear the necklace, it’s symbolic of holding him close to my heart.

    I find great peace in knowing that our furry little ones are running around – Sebastian likely has a big ole’ chewy in his mouth, bum wagging away and being cheeky and rambunctious as he was here with me. Happy weekend friends!

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