Serendipity. And “Hello Dolly!”

Immediately after I wrote my last blog (see: Guilt. And, Yummy Green Gum.) I went to the grocery store. During the past few months I had noticed an older gentleman walking his black American Cocker Spaniel around the mall and I had made a mental note that I was going to have to stop and say hello one day. As I was coming out of the grocery store this man and his beautiful dog, Max, happened to be walking by. I stopped and introduced myself and we chatted like old friends for about 20 minutes about what else, but Cocker Spaniels and their afflictions! Max was recently rescued from an abusive owner who physically abused him by hitting and kicking. The good news is that after approximately six months and a lot of love and patience from his new parents, he is no longer showing fear and is incredibly loving and gentle.

However, the reason why I had to mention this was because Max’s owner relayed a funny little story about gum, specifically Max’s addiction to gum. It turns out that when they are on their daily walk Max seems to always find gum. I laughed out loud, because I had the same issue with Sebastian. We could be walking through a school yard as big as a football field, but he would still find gum. Max doesn’t actually eat the gum, he chews it for a while and when he’s done with it, he just spits it out the side of his mouth. I thought this was serendipitous, since I had written my Sebastian-gum story just minutes earlier.

Serendipity is what also brought Dolly to me. Dolly was originally raised by a breeder in B.C. Canada and was given away when she was deemed to be of no value. Her second owner moved to Alberta, Canada and kept her for seven years. Enter my neighbour, Deborah, who lives down the block and also owns a condo suite in the same building as Dolly’s former owner. When Deborah and her husband are not getting along she moves to the condo. (That is a whole other story!) To summarize, Dolly ended up with Deborah, because this woman could no longer care for Dolly. A couple of weeks later I was helping out by taking pictures of Dolly, so we could find her a new home. When I came home to post the photos the look in her eyes broke my heart. I could see the fear in her eyes and all I could think was, “She is nine years old and has been abandoned twice!” Ugh. Three weeks later she was the new addition to our little family. *Snoopy dance*

I end this post by saying that we now know that Dolly was physically abused by her former owner’s boyfriend. I will never understand how a human being can choose to physically hurt an animal (or a child), especially when they are so defenseless and innocent. I will write more on that topic another day.

Now – raise your hand if you want to see Max chew his gum and spit it out!


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